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Honeywell Cables - Thermostat Wire

Finally, a thermostat cable engineered for the intended use. Honeywell Genesis® Series Hybrid Thermostat wire is the first cable with each conductor specifically designed for the power requirements of the circuit. Ideal for both new and existing HVAC equipment.

HVAC equipment has evolved, consuming less energy and controlling more. Hybrid Thermostat Wire is optimized for today’s high efficiency equipment, as well as equipment from decades past. For the same reason you don’t run 1" pipe to every faucet in a home, you don’t need 18 AWG for each circuit the thermostat controls.​​


Honeywell Genesis® Series Hybrid Thermostat Wire replaces the traditional thermostat wire you’ve been installing for years. All devices will be properly powered and controls will function as designed by equipment manufacturers.

The only difference is you hauling around less weight and winning more project bids. Honeywell Hybrid Thermostat Wire is currently available in 5, 6, 8 and 10 conductor constructions in 250' Speed Bags® and 250' Reels.

Included Product Types: 

  • Thermostat Wire
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