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RectorSeal - SlimDuct®

SlimDuct® White 3.75 Heavy duty professional grade duct and fittings. SlimDuct® professional duct/fitting system hides unsightly AC lineset. 3 duct sizes -2 3/4″, 3 3/4″, 5 1/2″ accommodate single or multiple lineset configurations. Complete Fitting Line. Complete professional finish for the most demanding installations.

Included Product Types: 

  • SlimDuct® Fittings - Sizing Chart
  • SlimDuct® Fittings - Job Layout Chart
Talk to a Riley HVAC Sales Specialist >> Download Sales Sheet PDF (SLIM DUCT FITTINGS - SIZING CHART) >> Download Sales Sheet PDF (SLIM DUCT FITTINGS - JOB LAYOUT CHART) >> Manufacturer Info >>

1 Year Warranty. Professional grade polymers to deliver long lasting durability.