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Dayus - Registers, Grilles & Diffusers

Filter Grilles: Ideal for improving indoor air quality or when air unit is inconveniently located. Four mounting methods to meet your installation requirements. Grille can be completely removed from mounting frame for cleaning when A, C, or D type mounting is specified. Typically manufactured for 1-inch deep filter, but can be altered for 2 or 4 inch filter depths as well. Filter to be provided by others and must be undersized by minimum of 5/16 inch.

Returns: Economical roll-formed blades or stronger extruded blades can be specified 30 or 45 degree fixed blades provide vision proof appearance. Zero degree available to provide higher free area. Rattle free blades available on 2/3" or 1" spacing, and provide a stylish look. Transfer door grilles with V blade design and auxiliary frame. Opposed blade damper available.

Included Product Types: 

  • Aluminum Filter Grilles
  • Return Air Grilles
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