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Hart & Cooley - Prefab Chimney

Model TLC All-Fuel Chimney offers current technology in factory-built chimney design by providing superior performance, durability and safety.

  • Embossed Coupler – Prevents moisture penetration
  • 304 Stainless Steel Inner Liner – High grade material heats up quickly to enhance draft
  • 304 Stainless Steel Outer Casing - Premium material prevents corrosion
  • Mineral Wool Insulation - Augured in for better insulating value to keep outside temperatures low for safety and inside temperatures high for performance
  • Premium Fiber Insulation – 100% mineral wool (no chlorides)
  • Twist-Lock connection – Easy assembly

Enhanced Features

Model TLC is extremely corrosion-resistant. Both the inner liner and outer casings are constructed of 304 stainless steel. Embossed couplers do not allow moisture to penetrate the chimney’s outer wall. Sections simply twist-lock together and are secured with Locking Bands. The Model TLC product line features deluxe chimney support components that will enhance any installation. Black trims are used to embellish the chimney support component parts that may be installed inside the home.

Type B Gas Vent Systems Give You These Important Advantages

Safety of the Hart & Cooley® system is assured by the double-wall, air-insulated design and locking joints. Properly installed, the vent cannot come apart through vibration, and offers protection against vent failure or fire hazard. Type B Gas Vent is designed for negative pressure applications and flue gas temperatures not exceeding 400°F above ambient for Category I appliances.

Durability is the result of high-quality materials and workmanship, with galvanized outer pipe and aluminum inner pipe providing protection against corrosion and external damage.

Simple installation is achieved with a complete line of adjustable fittings and various lengths of pipe. Curled ends lock together for stability and easy assembly. A full set of installation instructions are supplied with all caps and supports.

UL Listing (mark)HART & COOLEY® B-VENT complies with the latest Underwriters Laboratories Standard No. 441 and Bears the Mark.

B-Vent Features

  • 3” to 12” inner and outer pipe curled together as an integral unit.
  • 14” - 30” sizes have a snap-lock coupling system.
  • Unique locking band provides 360° turning radius of the pipe and fittings.
  • Locking band slides over tabs easily, locks firmly without twisting. Locking tabs hold pipe securely together, can be easily unlocked.
  • Reinforced ends– curled bead on end of outer pipe for rigidity and strength.
  • Deep Locking Groove assures solid joint and secure lock.
  • The 4RPX pipe is UL-listed for installation in a 2x6 wall.
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum inner wall for rapid warm-up.
  • Galvanized steel outer pipe for maximum protection.
  • Positive Stop—provides proper alignment and positive fit for mating end of pipe or fitting.

Included Product Types: 

  • TLC All-Fuel Chimney
  • Type B-Vent Gas
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Model TLC Chimney: LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Hart & Cooley, Inc. (“we,” “us,” “our”) warrants model TLC chimney products to be free from defects inmaterial and workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns the system. For products installedafter January 15, 2007, for a period of ten (10) years from original installation, we will provide replacement product with a similar or like quality of available product, free of charge excluding any installation costs. From the eleventh (11th) through fifteenth (15th) years, we will provide replacement product to the original consumer at a cost of 75% off the published retail price in effect on the date the claim is received, excluding any installation costs. At expiration of the fifteen- (15) year term, we will provide replacement product to the original consumer at a cost of 50% off the published retail price in effect on the date the claim is received, excluding any installation costs. LIMITATIONS: - Products must be installed for their intended purpose. - Products must be connected to residential appliance listed with an accredited testing laboratory. WARNING: FAILURE TO INSTALL PRODUCTS ACCORDING TO THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS WILL VOID ALL APPLICABLE WARRANTIES AND MAY RESULT IN FIRE, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING OR DEATH. SEE OUR PRODUCT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS. WARRANTY COVERAGE: All lengths, tees and elbows, and components are applicable to warranty coverage. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: (a) any non stainless base tee unit mounted or connected to an insulated chimney system; (b) costs (labor or otherwise**) associated with either removing a previously installed product, installing a replacement product, transportation or return of a product, or transportation of replacement product; (c) damage to the finish of products caused by the use of improper solvents/chemicals or improper cleaning methods; (d) damage resulting from failure to reasonably clean, care for, or maintain products in accordance with our installation instructions/recommendations; (e) damage (to products, appliances or structure) based on or resulting from improper installation or repair, misuse or abuse (including, but not limited to, excessive or improper operating condition), or alteration or adjustment other than in conformity with our installation instructions and specifications, whether performed by a contractor, service company, technician, or yourself; (f) any products that have been moved from their original installation site. (g) damage caused by burning driftwood, garbage, or any other prohibitive material in the appliance served by the chimney (h) damage that results from accidents such as fire, flood, high winds, “acts of God,” or any other contingency beyond our control.**Due to the wide variance in installation practices and other conditions beyond our control, we do not guarantee or in any way warrant the installation of chimney and venting products.