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Riley Sales carries 3 competitive lines of Insulation wrap, liner, board and accessories. Gripnail has the famous PowerPoint Weld Pins, while our Ductboard, Ductliner and Ductwrap all come from Certainteed. Our Insulation Sleeve is Atco Rubbers UPS #010. Please call if you don't see what you are looking for.

Product Lines

  • We carry the mold-resistant, elastomeric, AP/Armaflex pressure sensitive insulation tape that provides a fast, easy method of insulating pipes and fittings, as well as Armaflex's tubing insulation.

    Armacell Tubing Insulation
  • We carry the Atco UPC#010 Insulation Sleeve, constructed of a thick fiberglass insulation blanket sheathed in a reinforced metalized polyester vapor barrier jacket.

  • Riley carries the Certainteed ToughGuard R Duct Liner, SoftTouch™ Duct Wrap, and ToughGuard Duct Board.

  • We carry the Gripnail PowerPoint Weld Pins for secure, consistent, and convenient duct liner attachment.

  • The Reflectix® Single Reflective Insulation is ideal for applications that only require a single reflective (side of the product) or a job that specifies a white interior wall surface. As with our Double Reflective Insulation, ease of handling and installation is one of the key characteristics, contributing to a reduction in labor cost (during installation). This product is typically installed in Metal or Post Frame Buildings and is available through Contractor Sales Groups or Industrial / Commercial Building Product Suppliers.

    Reflectix Duct Insulation