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Indoor Air Quality

Riley Sales' believes the Indoor Air Quality is the most important facet of a comfortable, healthy home. With all the pollen and air pollutants Riley has several choices in the IAQ area. Purolator- our newest line serves our customers with quality air filters. We also have a full line of Nu-Calgon solvents, leak detectors and flushes. We believe in the Nu-Calgon IAQ Assuance Program. For IAQ replacement filters our customers find the Honeywell IAQ line of media air clears and replacement filters get the job done right. Field Controls, another IAQ company provides Riley with Draft Control Barametric Dampers. Their online guide comes in handy for our contractors as a reference. If you don't see what you are looking for, visit or call your local store.

Product Lines

  • We have the software-programmable Arzel HeatPumPro®, and the EzySlide® dampers in 70 sizes (plus custom sizes by special order), as well as PVC and Plenum.

    Arzel Zoning Technology
  • We carry Field Controls dampers which compensate for environmental changes such as wind, temperature, and barometric pressure.

    Field Controls
  • We carry the Honeywell Media Air Cleaners, replacement filters, and PopUP filters for indoor air quality improvement.

  • Riley has the full Nu-Calgon IAQ Assurance Program line of products, from Evap Pow'r and Tri Pow'r for cleaning, to Bio-Fresh CD for disinfecting, and Pan-Pads for protecting.

  • We carry the Purolator line of air filtration products for the residential, commercial and industrial, and wholesale markets.