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Magic-Pak M-Series - Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning

The Magic‑Pak M-Series™ offers reliable, convenient heating and cooling combined with greater flexibility in design and installation, service and comfort. M-Series offers a smaller louver than other like-units and are easily customizable to blend in with the building's facade.

Included Product Types: 

  • M-Series MGE
  • M-Series MCE
  • M-Series MHP
  • M-Series Louvers
  • M-Series Wall Sleeves
Talk to a Riley HVAC Sales Specialist >> Download Sales Sheet PDF (M-SERIES MGE) >> Download Sales Sheet PDF (M-SERIES MCE) >> Download Sales Sheet PDF (M-SERIES MHP) >> Download Sales Sheet PDF (M-SERIES LOUVERS) >> Download Sales Sheet PDF (M-SERIES WALL SLEEVES) >> Manufacturer Info >>

5 year limited warranty on all parts, 10 year warranty on aluminized heat exchanger 20 year warranty on stainless steel heat exchanger.