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Weather Barrier - Coatings & Sealants

Weather Barrier 1530 Roof/Deck Base Membrane is a synthetic rubber, waterproofing material, developed specifically for high film build protection of roofing and balcony deck surfaces. This co-polymer Acrylic/Aliphatic Urethane compound produces a tough rubber membrane that adheres tenaciously to most properly prepared surfaces.

Weather Barrier 1850 Primer/Sealer is an acrylic copolymer, high solids Primer/Sealer and bonding compound developed to assist in adhesion and preparation of surfaces for application of elastomeric materials. Weather Barrier 1850 bonds light dust or chalk to enhance the adhesion of Weather Barrier elastomeric coatings. It also seals the porosity of a variety of substrates for better film build and coverage of subsequent coatings. Weather Barrier 1850 Primer/Sealer ensures better bonding of Weather Barrier coatings, since it promotes adhesion when the wet coatings are applied, to create a total fusion of the substrate and coating materials.

Weather Barrier 2000 Rain Coat is the first acrylic roof coating to pass the NSF Protocol for Health Effects from Rainwater Catchment System Components (1995). It is safe for potable water catchment service and is designed for use as a protective and waterproof seamless membrane for pitched roof surfaces, ultraviolet protection of existing roofing materials, or as a finish coat over Weather Barrier 1530 Base Coat. Weather Barrier 2000 RainCoat has been developed and proven to be a superior protective waterproof roofing membrane for industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural structures.

Weather Barrier approved polyester mesh fabric reinforces elastomeric materials and bridges cracks, seams on roofs, walls and other surfaces for waterproofing protection. It is commonly used to seal cracks, joint flashings, terminations and other open areas. When used with Weather Barrier 1530, 1650. 1655, 2000, 2010, 1750, Liquid EPDM, Crack Cover, Moisture Cure Urethane, or Liquid EPDM One, the mesh fabric permits a high film build over areas of excessive movement such as cracks and joints. Use of mesh fabric with our elastomeric materials actually diffuses the stress created by a crack or opening in the surface.

Included Product Types: 

  • WB 1530 Membrane
  • WB 1850 Primer
  • WB 2000 Raincoat
  • WB 403 Polyester Mesh
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