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Residential Duct Sizing Class was a huge success.

The training area was open to our order takers, counter people, and multiple customers who stopped by. They found the class so interesting they stayed until our instructor Jim Mayer moved on to a new topic.  Even though most in attendance were experienced HVAC professionals, everyone learned something new. 

One of the key takeaways relayed the importance of ensuring the cooling system receives the CFM it was designed for.  The plenum needs to have the correct size for the tonnage of the air conditioning system, otherwise there is a high potential for performance issues during the 1% high heat summer days.  Having a plenum that is too small can diminish the performance of a 3 ton system so much that it only provides the cooling capacity of a 2.5 ton system.

Another topic discussed was the importance of adjusting the CFM for air conditioning based upon  the latent heat that needs to be removed.   For example, a high humidity region requires a lower CFM moving past the evaporator coils, so that more humidity is drawn out of the air. 

Everyone in attendance also learned how to use an air duct calculator, AKA a Ductulator, best practices for duct design and installation.

For those that missed this course, we will be holding another session in the fall at our Plymouth Meeting and Allentown locations. 

Click here for an Air Flow Dynamics & Duct Sizing Reference Guide

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Well worth the few hours!! Anyone working with ductwork and system design and installations will surely benefit from attending. Jim, the presenter, is so thorough that everyone, from rookie techs to 30 year veterans, will leave with a bit of new knowledge to add to their ever growing tool belt.

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