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Riley Sales partners with Let's Build to Support our Communities!

When Stanley Cordova from Worth and Company contacted Sally Beck, from our Allentown store, she jumped at the opportunity to help local girls learn more about the construction trades.  Let's Build Construction Camp for Girls, organized by the Lehigh Valley chapter of the Construction Specifications institute,  is a program designed for high school age girls to attend a free week-long camp to explore the construction tradesarchitecture, engineering, and construction manufacturing through hands on experiences and field trips.​ 


On Tuesday June 20th the girls added on to the structure they did on Monday.  They built a wall section with 2x4. Sally helped the girls install the HVAC  section and plumbing on Tuesday morning.  They will do electrical and drywall and add then install the grill.  At the end of the week they will have a finished wall.  Sally said “The girls were really fun and I just gave them my spin on all of it.  Trying to make it fun and a little easier to understand.  I really did have a super awesome time at the camp assisting and speaking to the girls!!  I LOVED IT!” 


 Sally was able to share her knowledge in the HVAC field , as well as basic construction experience from fixing and building various structures at her two farms. Sally added “My husband and I have a Christmas tree farm and we are growing the Cattle side.  We have over 100 steers and we also have Shorthorn Cattle that we breed and show.  I do a lot on the farm to help out when I can.  My daughters do a lot to help and we learn a lot along the way. We build a lot of things.  There is a lot of trial and error. It was a good experience for me to help the girls because I also had an opportunity  to learn how to install the HVAC materials that I sell every day.” 


Only 20 girls are selected from all applicants.  The application consists of contact information, a detailed statement why the applicant wants to be a part of this camp, and at least one letter of reference​. ​This unique construction camp introduces girls to the opportunities that will await them within the construction industry. The goal is to ignite the spark within the girls to explore additional skill training in our local career technical schools, and post-secondary training with a local craft training program, two-year and/or four-year college path in engineering, architecture, construction management, or any other construction-related major.


Visit for more information about the program.

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