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Nortek Global HVAC

iQ Drive air conditioners and heat pumps utilize inverter-driven rotary technology. The system’s inverter component converts the electrical current from AC to DC and, in doing so, can almost infinitely vary the compressor and fan motor speeds – from 40 to 118 percent of capacity. Sound ratings are from 59 to 72 decibels, some of the lowest in the industry.

In 2012 Nortek launched an up to 19 SEER iQ Drive heat pump and 20 SEER iQ Drive gas pack. These new models utilize inverter rotary technology to modulate from 50 to 115 percent of capacity, and can be installed with any two-stage thermostat.

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THE FIRST-EVER CONDENSING GAS PACK. Now that's heating efficiency!

Nortek Global HVAC introduced the first-ever condensing gas/electric packaged unit to the heating and cooling industry – revolutionizing gas pack heating efficiency. The R8HE offers 95% AFUE heating capabilities that are significantly higher than previous gas packs. While other gas pack HVAC models top-out at 81% AFUE, this goes above and beyond that mark – helping homeowners save hundreds of dollars on winter heating costs.

Contractors and homeowners have been asking for a high heating efficiency, gas/electric packaged unit for years. However, manufacturers have not attempted to bring a condensing gas pack to the market because when a furnace goes beyond 90% AFUE, condensate forms. In gas packs, there is a fear that the condensate will freeze – which could cause a component to malfunction. The R8HE eliminates this concern by piping the condensate produced during heating operation into the ground below the frost line. By replacing a 65% AFUE unit with our 95% AFUE gas pack, a homeowner can ave $400/year, every year on, on heating bills.

Nortek Global HVAC Launches EarthDirEX Geothermal Heat Pump

St. Louis, February 4, 2015 — Nortek Global HVAC, a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTK), has launched a new geothermal heat pump system that requires less drilling than most other geothermal systems. The new EarthDirEX model Y1SA geothermal direct geoexchange heat pump delivers 19+ EER cooling and 3.8+ COP heating in 2, 3, 4 and 5 ton capacities.

To reduce drilling, this direct geoexchange heat pump uses a series of underground refrigerant tubes called an “Earth loop.” A typical installation includes a small trench and/or one to two 5- to 6-inch diameter boreholes drilled to depths of 400 feet or less. The refrigerant tubes are placed into these holes, which is how they access the natural heating and cooling power of the Earth.

“The EarthDirEX Y1SA heat pump is the cost-effective geothermal choice for homeowners,” states Dave Garvin, Nortek Global HVAC product manager. “Drilling can account for half of the system cost to consumers. Because the EarthDirEX system reduces the drilling requirements, final installed costs can become much lower.”

Additionally, the new EarthDirEX geothermal system uses 100% refrigerant. While other geothermal systems transfer heat from refrigerant to water to the Earth and back again, the EarthDirEX system has no Earth-to-water heat exchanger component, helping it transfer heat more efficiently.

Other advantages of the EarthDirEX geothermal direct geoexchange heat pump include:

  • Fewer moving parts. An EarthDirEX system has only two primary moving parts – a compressor and a fan – which means there are fewer parts to service and potentially break down over time.
  • Greater corrosion resistance. EarthDirEX geothermal heat pumps utilize all-aluminum Anteater MC® Micro-Channel coils for superior protection against leaks caused by corrosion.
  • Electronic expansion valve. While other geothermal heat pumps use a thermal expansion valve, EarthDirEX uses an electronic one for precise refrigerant control.

The EarthDirEX model Y1SA geothermal direct geoexchange heat pump system is available in the Broan®, Frigidaire®, NuTone® and Westinghouse® brands of heating and cooling equipment with an out-of-the-box five-year parts warranty for residential applications. With product registration, the parts warranty extends to 10 years, and a 10-year replacement guarantee on the compressor is added.

Dealer Design Award for the NEW NORDYNE Micro-Channel Air Handler

Hooray for innovation! Nortek received contractor recognition for their newly launched B6EMMX Anteater MC™ Air Handler with Micro-Channel coils. The air handler won the Silver Award in the HVAC Residential Equipment category of the Dealer Design Awards Program.

The coils of the B6EMMX air handler stand out because they are all aluminum. This design makes the coils more resistant to formicary corrosion and also makes the air handler weigh less than those that use traditional, copper tube-in-fin coils. The air handler is easy to service and requires minimal maintenance when compared to others.

“NORDYNE is continuing its tradition of producing reliable, hard-working systems,” says Matt Lattanzi, director of product management at NORDYNE. “We are always looking for new ways to provide complete comfort and genuine value to the heating and air industry, and the B6EMMX air handler does just that.”

All 81 entrants in the contest were judged by an independent panel of 29 contractors. This is the ninth year that the program has been running and is sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine.

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