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  • RILEY SALES BLOG 12/21/2017 

    Fit a New Furnace Into an Existing Space

    Ducane™ Quick Install™ Technology makes installation easier by using a universal fit approach. They minimize "extras" needed, and save you the headache.

  • RILEY SALES BLOG 12/05/2017 

    Optimize Your Ducane 90%+ Furnace

    Is your Ducane high efficiency furnace's condensate trap set up properly? Optimal configuration provides the best performance, and avoids problems down the road.

  • RILEY SALES BLOG 08/15/2017 

    Streamline Biz Operations: Coolfront App

    Drastically boost profit and efficiency in your business operations. The Coolfront mobile app provides an efficient system for shifting to flat rate pricing, and managing your techs and call bookings.