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  • RILEY SALES BLOG 12/21/2017 

    Did you know? Retrofitting a new furnace into an existing space can be a major challenge?

    Ducane™  Quick Install™ Technology makes installation easier.

    Ducane furnaces are specifically designed for a universal fit which means less time on the job and no large "goodie bags" to sort through when installing into an existing space. In addition, no changes are required to modify the furnace for an upflow or horizontal configuration, regardless of whether the intake is on the left or the right. The ease of installation with a Ducane furnace will save you time, money and customer call-backs.

  • RILEY SALES BLOG 12/05/2017 

    Ducane High Efficienty Furnace Tip

  • RILEY SALES BLOG 08/15/2017 

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